Zener--- Better Solution, Better Life! 



Our Mission: Technology makes a healthy life.

Concentrated on our core competence, we develop innovative products and solutions based on scientific knowledges, cooperating with health experts in integrating innovation, in order to solve the most challenging global health problems.


Our Vision: Make life easier for who needs considerate care.

We listen to our clients, so that we understand better their requirements and search for better solutions together with them. Once illuminated with best ideas, we put them fast into practice, launching corresponding medical appliance products and solutions.


Our Values: Considerateness, Passion, Respect and Responsibility

We aim to build strong, intimate relationships with clients, patients and health professionals, providing them with our considerate products and solutions.

In Zener, we’re always full of passion and enthusiasm, as our target remains, making great efforts to improve our patients’ quality of life.

Respecting each other and respecting the world around is Zener’s core culture as always.




Advanced Wound Management

Advanced Wound Management Division:

Development, manufacturing and distribution of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) products, including NPWT system with polyvinyl alcohol foam set, NPWT system with polyurethane foam set and new product set of micro NPWT system.



Orthopedics Division:

Development, manufacturing and distribution of orthopedic implants, including spinal systems,trauma products(stainless steel and titanium alloy plate series, LOC plate series, screws systems and intramedullary nails systems), ankle series and other orthopedics products.


Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

Cardio-Thoracic Surgical Product Division:

Development, manufacturing and distribution of rib plates and sternal plates products, including rib plate & instruments, sternal fixation systems and sternal operating instruments.